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 Sidonie Tarkimos

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PostSubject: Sidonie Tarkimos   Sidonie Tarkimos I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 11, 2017 3:12 am

Sidonie Tarkimos

Race: Human – Talfir
Subrace: Aasimar

Class: Bard
Archetype: Celestial Weaver
Ability to tap into the Divine powers of her guide – Myllandra, the archangel of the arts, divinity and celestial magic.

Sex: Female
Age: 58 (average age is 160)

Physical Description:
Height: 5'8”
Weight: 165lbs
Hair: Long loose waves of silvery white, shot through with a swatch of pure black.
Eyes: Pale silvery blue
She is curvaceous, average breast size (B-C?), lean muscled, long slender fingers, heart shaped face, slightly upturned button nose, full lips set always in a somewhat serene smile, her eyes are almond shaped with long lashes, her skin is pale and luminescent.  

Character Traits:
Persistently calm, dryly sarcastic, though she has the annoying habit of pointing out the obvious. Her voice holds a melodic quality that resonates with those close to her on a very cerebral level, this is most prominent when she is singing. She is not fearless, but she is not cautious either, tending to wander into trouble before looking. Often she sits in silence, as though she has nodded off, this is not the case, she is communicating with her Angelic guide. She tends to save found feathers on a loop of leather tied to her belt.

Clothing & Equipment:
Wears a long loose dress in white, cinched with a black & pale blue leather corset. The skirt is gathered at each thigh. A leather belt settles on her hips (same colors as corset), the string of feathers sits at her hip and over it a book is bound to the belt with straps and silver buttons, the opposite being a dagger with a wicked curve and serrated at the tip. A pouch sits off center at the back and a similar in the front (smaller). Across her back (shoulder to hip in front too) is affixed a bow and quiver full of silver tipped arrows and from the quiver is a hook that she hangs her lute from. Her boots are black and flat heeled, rising up to her thighs and laced at the back, of soft leather. She has a cape in black that she doesn't wear often, but carries in a pack (not shown in picture!).  Her shoulder pack (not shown) contains a small flute of ebony wood, flint and steel, various small containers of herbs and powders, buried in the bottom under a hidden panel is a well wrapped stash of gold and a small silver mirror that was her mother's, various other bits and bobs are contained within. She doesn't wear any jewelry at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Sidonie Tarkimos   Sidonie Tarkimos I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 13, 2017 1:31 am


Race: Tiefling
Sire: Lord Ravelm Landet

Class: Cleric
Subclass: Sorcery

Sex: Male
Age: 67

Physical Description:
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 Lbs
Hair: Long, reddish-brown hair tied back in a loose bun
Eyes: Black sclera/gold iris
Being tall, his stature is slim and lithely muscled with broad shoulders and narrow hips. As tradition to his race, he has horns, a tail, and feet that resemble a dragon's rear paws with an elongated metatarsus and claw-like toes.

Character traits:
Lone-wander type as customary to most other Tieflings. Due to the way in which society looks down upon his kind as infernal, evil, and demonic, he usually keeps to the shadows and interacts with very few unless necessary. Though he does do clerical work, he performs very little of it unless asked (which is not often) and brandishes half his skill toward sorcery. He is neutral good as opposed to dark and prefers to do good things rather than bad; it is easy to distance himself from others and is is hard for him to trust and harder for him to make friends. Once he finds someone worth giving his loyalty to, it is for a lifetime. Personality wise, he is usually quiet, observant, and adept at interactions with others but he can be brusque and foul-mouthed when the situation calls for it. When someone picks a fight with him, he can be somewhat rash in that he makes it a point to have the last laugh.

On the flip side, Amnon can be unusually kind as well. Though he often does it out of sight and out of mind of others (preferring to do kind things quietly), many remember his face because he is a Tiefling.

Clothing and Equipment:
Amnon prefers to travel in studded-leather type armaments in order to be somewhat resilient towards physical attacks. Though he is more than adept at healing and sorcery, he is a sharp eye with a crossbow and quick to strike if in close combat (if necessary). He wears leather arms and a chest piece which is covered by a curious black shawl decorated with enigmatic runes and eyes. His leggings are leather as well though he does not wear shoes as most are not built for Tieflings. Belt wise, it is thick and can support the crossbow that he attaches to his left hip. Other than a long dagger attached to his thigh and the pouch at his right hip, he only carries a pack and almost always wears a long, black cloak (with an eye on the back). In his pack, there are a few days rations (water included), healing herbs and tools to compliment his magical clerical work, a few pre-made potions, a pouch of gold and silver, strange medallion wrapped tightly in a swatch of black cloth (that stings anyone who touches it other than him).

Unique Traits:
Smells like ash and something sweet and musky, has unusually warm skin, a forked tongue, and a great deal of agility and strength.

His skin is red and he has many pointed teeth.
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Sidonie Tarkimos
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